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Basic French Language - For Beginners

As a beginner getting it right with a basic French language course is very important.

What you learn initially will dictate how you get on later. Some courses just don't fire you with enthusiasm or they make it seem boring or complicated which means you are far less likely to continue with learning French.

It is not easy knowing which basic French language course to choose as there are just so many out there. Well don't be put off as I would like to show you some of the French courses that I think are great for beginners and which will give you a great head start.

Important factors to bear in mind when choosing your course:

  • How much time you have to study
  • How much you can afford to spend
  • Why do you want to learn French
  • What level of French do you want to achieve
  • How do you learn best. What sort of French course suits you best

-- Basic French Language --

* My favorite Beginners French Courses
* What sort of French Course Suits You?
* How to Speed Up Your Learning

Did you know that...

100-110 million students of all ages, not living in a Francophone country, have learned/are learning French. (La Francophonie dans le monde 2006-2007)

My Top Courses to Learn Beginners French
(in no particular order)

Advice: Be wary of methods that say you can be fluent within a month. - Not so!!

BYKI Before You Know It Deluxe 4.0 is great for getting started in learning French. It helps you to learn words and phrases almost effortlessly. It is best suited to beginners or those with a limited amount of French and the very reasonable price makes it definitely worth considering.

TELL ME MORE Language Software TELL ME MORE offers a complete package in that you get a boxful of goodies that will take you from beginners to advanced. Also included is a headset and microphone. What makes this package really special is its speech recognition technology that recognizes and analyzes your pronunciation and tells you where you have gone wrong. You will need a computer.

Rocket French Rocket French "Who Else Wants to Learn to Speak French Confidently and Naturally In Less Than 8 Weeks?" - that is their opening phrase! Too good to be true? I think not.

This French language course has a good following and some excellent reviews.......

Which method is best if you want to learn beginners French?

Mastering basic French language is not difficult if you have the right tools and information.

I don't consider myself a natural linguist and have to work hard at learning French but I did it and progressed.

Choose your basic French language learning method carefully. Not every method is suited to everyone.

There is a French course that is right for you - I promise.

Maybe you are a :

  • Visual learner
  • Auditory learner
  • Tactile/Kinesthetic learner
  • Which method which suits you best
  • And maybe you prefer:

  • Group learning
  • Solitary learning
  • One on one
  • Choosing a method
  • My Top Beginners Courses

    Ways to Help you Learn Beginners French FASTER!

    Tips and Tricks that WORK!

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    • Set yourself realistic goals. Can you really practice 3 hours every night when you have a family?
    • Mastering spoken French is always the hardest. Find someone to practice with. If you can't find someone, practice reading a text in French out loud. Look in the mirror when you do it and pretend you are talking to someone.
    • Watch a French film once a week or listen to French songs. You may not understand much but it will do wonders for improving your accent.
    • Read kids books in French. The language is perfect for beginners.
    • Put sticky name labels on items around the house or at work. You will eventually remember them.
    • Learn 5 new words every night before going to sleep. That's 35 a week and 1,825 per year! Plenty to have a conversation with
    • Log on to a French news website. See how many words you can recognize on the main page. As time goes on you will suddenly realize you are recognizing groups or words and then sentences and then.....
    • When you feel confident enough, get a Pen Pal. It's a fantastic way of improving your written French and the other person can improve their English.

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