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Finding a French dictionary online is easy. Finding a good one is harder.

A dictionary is a must when learning a new language.

We have tons of paper French dictionaries at home which is my preferred method but I find the kids often prefer an online dictionary as it is faster and often easier to look up words.

Most of the following online French dictionaries are FREE.

* Bag a bargain dictionary
* French dictionary online for kids
* Online English - French dictionary
* Online French - French dictionary
* Audio French dictionary

Did you know that :

12% of common French words found in a typical dictionary are borrowed from other languages. About 25% of these loan-words are fairly recent borrowings from English (e.g., le rostbif, le weekend).

Grab a Bargain

You can't escape the fact that you are going to need some sort of paper French dictionary. Why pay a lot for one when you can probably pick up a bargain on eBay.

French Dictionary Online for Kids

The Internet Picture Dictionary
Quite basic but perfect for beginners and kids. It does not give you the English - French translation but will give you the meaning of a French word by using pictures. There are also interactive games to test you knowledge.

Little Explorers English-French picture dictionary
Choose a subject and then a group of relevant pictures will appear with the English and French name. Click a picture and a group of relevant words will appear. A very nice site for kids.

My French Picture Dictionary
This offers groups of words and each word is accompanied by a picture and the English and French word. Great for testing kids vocabulary of everyday objects.

French Dictionary Online: English - French

If you do a search for a French dictionary online, you will be spoilt for choice and maybe you will find it all a bit bewildering. I have listed below the French – English dictionaries that I and my teenage kids use, basically our favorites.

Transparent Language Word reference
Superb and simple to use online dictionary which translates English - French and French - English. Type in a word and the translation comes up plus lots of phrases containing the word. You can also hear the word being spoken. Also has a great forum.

This is more than just a dictionary. You type in a word (in French or English) and then choose from a list of dictionaries. The other things that I really like are that it can translate phrases and short texts and you can access a French keyboard to type your own text. It will then check your grammar and spelling. When done you then just copy and paste it into a text file on your computer. NB make sure you scroll down the page in the above link as that is where all the grammar/spell check stuff is.

TV5 : Dictionnaire Mediadico
Dictionary on the TV5 Monde website. Although all the instructions are in French, it is very easy to use. Besides translating words it will also give clear and concise definitions, synonyms and conjugations.

Reverso Dictionaries
Simple to use and nice clear explanations with phrases showing the word in use. They can also do translations of short texts and they have a very good grammar section.

French Dictionary Online - French

Our favorite "dictionnaire de la langue française". Gives word definitions plus synonyms (alternatives), and a word of the day which is a great way to improve your vocabulary.

TV5 - Dictionnaire Mediadico
A multifunction french dictionary online on the TV5 Monde website. Very easy to use and gives clear and concise definitions. You can also look up synonyms for the word plus conjugation and can also be used as a French-English French translator.

synonyms Synonyms.com
Looking for words with the same meanings? Well this is for you.

Audio dictionaries

French Audio Dictionary
Although this french dictionary online is somewhat limiting in the number of words it has, at least the speaker has good pronunciation and it is not computer generated.

Once you have worked your way round the site and taken a few wrong turns (it's not always very clear!), the audio dictionary section is good although sometimes it is spoken a bit fast. The sound is instant so no need to download anything and the words and phrases are spoken by a French person. What I also really liked is that you can practice a French dictation and then correct it.

More French Audio dictionaries

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