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Language is one of the greatest gifts
we give our children.

Teaching kids French at an early age will give them a huge head start in not just languages but in all their school subjects.

Learning an additional language stimulates parts of the brain that affect all areas of a child's cognitive development.

* My Top Courses/Programmes for Teaching Kids French
* Why it's So Important to Teach Kids French?
* Questions To Think About When Choosing a Method
* Online French Language Games
* French Language Home Schooling
* French Homework Help

Recommended Courses/Programmes for Teaching Kids French

KidSpeak is a fun interactive way of teaching kids French. It comes as computer software so you will need a computer. The emphasis is on fun learning so there is animation, fun activities, and interactive games, puzzles and songs. It covers every day vocabulary and simple grammar plus there are some printable activity sheets. Good for beginners and young kids.

Find out More About KidSpeak Kidspeak

BYKI Before You Know It is one of my favourites as it is excellent value (there is also a FREE lite version ) and it is simple to use but very effective in teaching vocabulary and phrases that will have kids communicating straight away.

Read my full REVIEW on BYKI 4.0 Deluxe

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Why Teach Kids to Learn French

Did You Know....
Learning a second language at an early age opens the door to other cultures and helps a child understand and appreciate people from other countries

In England kids don't have to start learning a modern foreign language until the age of 11 and then they can stop at the age of 14.

The United States has no official language learning policy. Responsibility for schooling rests with states and not the national government although the majority of states have secondary school foreign language programmes.

My top courses/programmes for kids French

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How Bad At Languages Are Our Kids?

  • The Brits are the worst speakers of foreign languages in Europe. Students in other European countries are becoming fluent in three or four languages.
  • Almost two in three Britons (62%) are unable to speak a language other than English, a survey for the European Commission showed. This compared with an average of 44% across the EU and just 1% in Luxembourg, the top-ranking country.
  • Only 44% of high school students in the US are studying any foreign language and less than 1% percent study a critical-need language. (nvtc.gov)
  • Only 9% of Americans can speak their native language plus another language fluently, as opposed to 53% of Europeans. (2000 decennial census of the population)

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There is Some GOOD News....

  • Kids who learn a second foreign language generally do better at all their other subjects than their non linguistic peers.
  • There is a correlation between secondary/high school foreign language study and higher academic performance at college/University level.
  • Learning a second language improves reading skills.
  • Language learners develop a more positive attitude toward the target language and/or the speakers of that language.
  • Language study increases a child's cognitive and critical thinking abilities.
  • Foreign language study increases a child's ability to compare and contrast cultural concepts
  • The UK government plans to start introducing French in primary schools at the age of 7. The target is for all 7 - 11 year-olds To be entitled to learn at least one foreign language by 2010.

Start Teaching You Kids French Today

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Questions to think about when choosing a "Teaching kids French" learning method

Did You Know....
Studies have shown that children who learn a language before the onset of adolescence are much more likely to have native-like pronunciation.

Many parents wish to give their kids a head start or a helping hand in French and luckily for you there are a lot of great tools out there to help you in teaching kids French.

Questions to think about :

  • Can my child read and write?
    Younger children might benefit more from visual, action and listening tools such as films, songs, stories and games. Older kids might also enjoy software, activity books and group learning.
  • If it is a local course...
    How many kids are there in a session? How much does it cost? Does the teacher have experience/qualifications in teaching kids French? Is it fun?
  • Is my child willing?
    Don't force your child to progress when s/he is not ready or willing.
  • Is it exciting and stimulating for my child?
    E.g. If your child is very computer savvy, they might prefer software as opposed to books.
  • Will my child need my constant supervision
    How much time can I afford to give them?
  • Is the method suitable for all my kids and for all ages?
    Can I borrow or share learning tools with other families?
  • How can I monitor their progress?
    Is there a teacher I can talk with or does the software have a monitoring of progress system.
  • Will my child have enough time to learn
    Will they have to give up another activity? Older kids often have quite a busy schedule.

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