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Transparent French Complete Edition Review

Transparent French Complete Edition Review - I have tried and tested this French program to see if it is any good and how suited it is to French learners like you.

Like all my other French product reviews, this is to help you decide if the product is suitable for you. Disclaimer

Should you invest in it? Is it any good for beginners? Read on...

-- Transparent French Complete Edition Review --

What is Transparent French Complete Edition?

Transparent French Complete Edition is the top and most comprehensive French language learning product produced by Transparent Language.

It consists of a whole host of video, audio and written learning tools neatly packaged in various computer programs, MP3 files and online resources.

It can either be purchased as an electronic download or as a hard copy on CD.

-- Transparent French Complete Edition Review --

Who's It For?

Transparent French Complete Edition caters for beginners to intermediate although beginners will get more out of the program.

-- Transparent French Complete Edition Review --

Method Of Use

To use Transparent French Complete Edition you will need:
*** Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista or higher.
*** iPodĀ® or MP3 Player for Byki Pod files: iPod Video or nano required to display pictures and play sounds. Other MP3 players can play sounds, but may not support picture display.

-- Transparent French Complete Edition Review --

First Impressions

The download consists of 3 files which need to be run and installed on your hard drive. This was not so easy and it took three attempts before my computer would accept the programs properly.

Once downloaded you will have 5 program icons on your desktop:
  • BYKI Deluxe 4 (Vocabulary builder) Read my review
  • Everywhere French Audio (MP3 files)
  • Transparent French Premium Edition (full course of French lessons)
  • Lexicon Multilingual Dictionary
  • Lingua Match French (virtual scenes for improving vocabulary and conversation)

I have already reviewed BYKI Deluxe 4 which is included as part of the complete edition so I was quite excited to see what extras I was going to get for my money.

I was pleased to see a variety of learning methods but I had no idea where to start. There didn't seem to be an introductory document detailing how to begin so basically I just dived in and browsed around. I read any help files I could find and watched any accompanying help videos. After that I had a much better understanding of how it all worked but I did feel this was an oversight by Transparent Language.

The other thing I noticed was that I suddenly had a new screen saver which I hadn't knowingly put there. It was various French phrases bouncing round my screen. I felt I could have been asked if I wanted it.

-- Transparent French Complete Edition Review --

Getting to Grips with it...

The 2 key components of Transparent French Complete EditionTransparent French are BYKI Deluxe and Transparent French Premium.

BYKI Deluxe is the vocabulary and phrase building part of the program and is where you start off. This is done in a fun and interesting way with lots of variety so the words really do stick. Tasks include flip cards, variety of games, pronunciation practice and conversation.

I particularly valued the last 2 activities as practicing speaking out loud is so important in helping to master the language. The software allows you to record your voice and then it compares it to a native French voice. Graphs then show you where and how you can improve. You can also self test at the end of a lesson and see how well you did.

transparent language
Transparent French Premium

Along with BYKI Deluxe you will make use of Transparent French Premium which is an essential part of the course. It is split into a series of virtual books (4 in total) with the core book being a series of lessons. The lessons are varied in topics and varied in the method they use to teach you.

The other 3 books are more focused on listening and watching and cover very useful everyday situations. Choose from:
"Fundamentals" which covers situations and practical conversation.
"Conversations" which has you taking part in a variety of video scenarios.
"A Surprise Party" in which you follow characters in a video and you take part in the action.

The lessons are structured to give you a variety of learning experiences such as written, verbal, video and audio. The French audio is done by a native French speaker and you can set a male or female voice. I think having a native speaker is vitally important and is often what lets other programs down.

There are 15 lessons and each lesson provides several hours of learning material and if you complete and master them all I would say you would achieve a pretty admiral level of French.

Transparent Language Tansparent Language

Each lesson guides your through a variety of task and events and the software monitors your progress and saves it at various stages - handy so you can start where you left off at a later date.

Each lesson starts off by telling you what your goals will be followed by lots of different learning tasks covering reading, pronunciation, grammar and conversation. I really like the conversation practice tool where you enact out a scene with a native French speaker. This is excellent at preparing you for real live situations. In my opinion this is one of Transparent Languages great strengths.

Also as you record your voice you can compare it to the native speaker and play back your voice to see how you sound - 'did I really sound like that?!'

Transparent Language

As you progress the software takes note of what you have done so that you can keep track for the next session.

Other software that comes in the package includes:
  • Lexicon Multilingual Dictionary - I must admit I wasn't that impressed by it. It contains 65,000 words but I found it clumsy to use and difficult to look up what I wanted.
  • Everywhere French Audio (MP3 files) - Great for practicing and listening on the move. A written transcript is also included.
  • Lingua Match French - Again there were no instructions but it wasn't difficult to work out what to do. It basically consists of a selection of virtual scenes such as airport, bathroom, shop and a selection of audio word games that help you learn the vocabulary for that scene. Useful for practicing vocabulary or as a refresher but quite basic.

-- Transparent French Complete Edition Review --

What I Liked About Transparent French Complete Edition...

  • Huge variety of teaching methods so it keeps you stimulated.
  • Being able to record and listen to my voice and have the software show me where I could improve.
  • The huge amount of learner interaction with the different scenarios so you really feel you are taking part.
  • Having my progress monitored and recorded.
  • More than one person can use the software and have their own login.
  • Lessons are well explained and you can pick up where you left off.
  • Being able to self-test so you can see how much you've retained.
  • I felt I was learning current everyday French that would be useful if I was out and about.
  • By buying all the included programs in a bundle rather than separately it is saving you more than 25% in costs.

-- Transparent French Complete Edition Review --

Final Word...

Transparent French Complete EditionTransparent French aims to be an all in one French learning package. I would say it comes pretty close and at times I did feel like I was interacting with a live tutor. By following all the lessons you would cover a lot of useful everyday French and your written, oral and verbal French would certainly be at a pretty good level.

It is not Transparent Languages cheapest package and some of the extras included are not that exciting, however it does offer an all round language learning experience. It offers quite a lot more than BYKI Deluxe and the lessons and virtual books in Transparent French Premium are excellent.

It is seriously worth looking at if you wish to tak your French language learning to the next level.

(April 2011)

Transparent French Complete Edition

Transparent French Complete Edition

"The TL Complete edition contains every language-learning application you'll need to help improve your language skills! Ideal for school, business, travel, or simple personal growth, the Complete edition offers you the most comprehensive way to learn a language. From top-rated software to an audio course, Complete Edition gives you access to a broad variety of fun, effective learning solutions that will develop all your Language skills. "

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-- Transparent French Complete Edition Review --

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